Samassati Color Therapy with Nishant Matthews


Samassati Color Therapy


What is Samassati Color Therapy?


            Samassati Color Therapy is a unique new way of interacting with the innate intelligence in each person.

            With gentle applications of color lights, Samassati Color Therapy stimulates and supports you to be yourself—healthy, clear, vital, and living in accord with your inner nature. 

            According to an individual’s needs, the light can be directed to clear and refresh the physical body, the emotional patterning, or simply open the mind to new horizons. It reminds us of our original health, and helps us recover it.

            Samassati Color Therapy can be experienced as sessions for individuals and in programs with groups.



How Does it Work?


            Ultimately, we are all made from light.

            When we learn the art of communication with our biological light networks, we can both support the healthy functioning of our inner light systems, and clear any discordant information that they carry.

            When the colors are broadcast generally, they work through the information fields surrounding a person. They clean up conflicting information patterns, and restore a deep sense of connection with our basic intelligence.

            When the light is directed through acupuncture points or chakras, it has a more specific effect of targeting organs and the primary energetic systems in the body. Used in this way, the color light can be a precision healing tool for body/mind issues.



What does it do for you?


            In essence, Samassati Color Therapy helps you be you.

            It offers healing potentials to the physical body, de-stresses the emotional tensions in the subtle bodies, and clears up conflicts in the mind.

            As these things happen, there is a new possibility of getting to know yourself in a deeper way. It is like cleaning the mirror in which you see yourself.

            With color light comes a quality of compassion, an ability to relate to yourself with love and understanding. As you develop this art, your inner guidance opens itself to you, allowing you to find enhanced meaning and direction in your daily life.



Who is it for?


            Color is for anyone who wishes to live in a greater sense of unity with themselves.

            It has successfully treated children, adults, and the elderly in a wide range of physical and emotional issues.

            Unique to Samassati Color Therapy is the ability to also work with groups of people who are also learning new forms of co-operation and group intelligence. With the larger light systems, Samassati Color Therapy offers programs for businesses, families, and other groups of people who share a common purpose.



Body & Beyond is offering a Samassati Color Therapy Training.



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